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The classic Helvetica list tee now available to celebrate The Khris Davis .247 — his never-been-done-before historical achievement of hitting for a .247 batting average in four straight seasons. 


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Khris Davis's batting average in 2015: .247. In 2016: .247. In 2017: .247. And, yep, in 2018: .247. Take that statistical anomaly, think about the pride the baseball community has in being a part of this history, add in how fun the helvetica list tees can be, and we have ourselves a fun shirt for a good cause. 

According to Stats, Inc. & Fangraphs, hitting for the same average in four straight seasons with at least 10 at-bats has never been done before. Don't let that .247 fool you... Davis has the most home runs in the MLB in that span, including 48 home runs in 2018 (which lead the league). 

I'm not associated with the A's, MLB, Khris Davis or Fangraphs, I'm just a fan who loves making things, baseball, and community. What I am associated with... the Effectively Wild Podcast Facebook Group. It's a highly-engaged community of listeners who support the podcast, follow baseball's most intriguing stories, including the chase for .247. 

A portion of the shirt's proceeds will go to the non-profit, Oakland Field of Dreams, which supports youth baseball in Oakland.

Cheers to Khris Davis for giving baseball and its fans the most unlikely, most lovable and improbable stories. 

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"That's a fantastic shirt. I don't think I could wear batting average on my person. But I love the idea." 10/3/17

@Mike_Petriello, Statcast lead at

"Very cool shirt, cool idea, etc. Do you have any other ideas?"

Joe B

Oh and the price, 👌"

Brandon K

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