We Needed To Talk: A Look Back at the Movember Podcast Production

When working at the Movember Foundation, I was lucky enough to have a situation like this podcast where a passion project intersected with a business need. 

The podcast was also a passion of Adam Garone's (co-founder, former CEO). I wanted to breathe new life into the podcast, so I lead the development of a new brand, distribution strategy, content strategy, and creative approach to the new season. Plus, we knew we needed to address a serious issue in men's mental health but do it differently, in our own way, not being done at this scale. 

What I learned very quickly through working with Movember's Health Promotions team is that men were (and still are) at risk to mental health issues and suicide prevention for many reasons — one being that we don't talk enough. You're right in thinking that we do talk, and you may be sick of hearing from us, but it's that we don't talk about the tough shit in life. Especially talking about the tough shit together as guys. So we thought: what if we could turn the podcast community on its head by asking men in the community who mainly do the asking to now do the talking? Turns out, they did. 

We started at the beginning by going back to the creative direction with Adam's brother, co-founder Trav Garone, to review the podcast brand but now in light of the market context. 

I brought together the subject matter experts in the mental health and health promotions fields, a proven podcast producer (Rose Reid), a digital strategist on my team at the time (Kirsty Wood), and Adam to develop the season. Below is a recap of the season, the rebrand and redesign of the site, and the episodes are available for listening. 

In the first interview of this season, our host Adam Garone sits down with filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. From the times he slept in a hammock to fund his dreams to what he now teaches his sons about being a man, Morgan tells Adam about key moments and decisions in his life. Here, they dig deeper into the man behind (and face of) the fast food hit, SuperSize Me.
Our heart goes out to Reggie and his family, as Reggie passed away just after this episode aired. The impact he made in the hip hop and podcast community is profound. Thank you.

Reggie Ossé discusses major turning points and challenges in his life. From growing up in a one-parent house and having to find his own role models, to becoming successful in three separate careers, and experiencing some dark moments: Reggie tells Adam about how he's handled transitions and what he'd say to others in the same situation.
In this episode of the Movember Podcast, our host and co-founder Adam Garone sits down with the first Canadian to walk in space: Chris Hadfield. Adam and Chris explore the challenges of being a husband and father in an inherently high-risk profession, following his Dad's advice, and driving yourself to the 'very hairy edge of possible'.

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